Resort Amenities is a division of Brown & Bigelow, a 118-year old company that specializes in providing corporate gifts, food gifts and printing. After many years of service to the hospitality industry, Brown & Bigelow noticed a gap within the industry - simply, luxury hotels and resorts have a unique desire for custom printed amenities that match the branding and atmosphere of each location. But where would they find these amenities?

Resort Amenities was born as the company to provide the answer! Resort Amenities is the leading provider of custom printed amenities for luxury resorts and hotels, and we do so with competitive pricing. We specialize in assisting upscale properties to cater to their guests by partnering with all the divisions within a hotel to understand each division's needs. We reach out to your management, food and beverage, chef, guest services, housekeeping, sales and marketing, catering and special events, and human resources. Our job is to work with you to ensure that each guest's stay is a memorable one!